Uncover hidden risk and opportunity in your supply chain

ESG & Sustainability

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Spot ESG vulnerabilities deep in your network

Eyes everywhere and powerful analytics can make every link in your supply chain smarter to adapt to short- and long-term global ESG risks including climate change, extreme weather, and water availability. Whether the threat lies in your Tier-1, far down your supply chain, or in another country, updated risk scores warn you of likely disruptions and suppliers out of compliance with regulatory requirements (including UFLPA, German Supply Chain Act). 


Everstream platform
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With Everstream’s cutting-edge technology and our team of dedicated forced labor experts, we will offer impactful solutions to safeguard individuals and supply chains from the scourge of modern slavery.

Tim Nelson, CEO of Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance

What is the value of a responsible supply chain?


Total estimated financial impact of reported water risk in 2020


Potential cost per violation of UK Modern Slavery Act requirements

2% of ARR

Maximum penalty for violating German Corporate Due Diligence Act

Comply with supply chain regulation and make progress on ESG initiatives

Automate system decisions to lower your company’s environmental footprint, optimize cold chain operations, comply with supply chain regulations including UFLPA, decrease transportation costs, and more. Ready to build a more sustainable supply chain?   


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Supplier risk visibility supports regulatory compliance

UFLPA Risk Solution

Monitor ongoing supplier risk with Everstream proprietary UFLPA risk scoring and get alerts when potential threats arise.


Forced labor

Predictive insights for better planning

Cold Chain

Leverage predictive analytics during transportation planning to ensure that temperature-sensitive loads are protected only when they need to be and save millions of dollars every year. 


Why Everstream

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Build a responsible supply chain

Analyze your multi-tier supplier network to monitor all partners and third parties for regulatory violations (including UFLPA-specific risk scoring) and other unethical business practices.

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Demonstrate progress on ESG initiatives

Maximize investment in existing systems by adding risk insights to inform seasonal decision-making, save on transportation costs, and decrease environmental footprint. 

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Make systems smarter with ESG risk insights

Monitor your network 24/7 for exposure to potential disruptions and launch automated response workflows to react quickly to risks, select equipment, identify new suppliers, and more.  

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Preserve brand and reputation

Avoid brand damage from unethical supplier practices and drive internal sustainable investment initiatives with risk-based logistics workflows that save costs and resources. 

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Protect from ESG vulnerabilities in every link of your supply chain

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