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Delivery delays due to extreme weather conditions

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Everstream combines AI predictions, historical lane calendar modeling, forecasting temperature data, with expert human analysis, to dynamically assess and predict risk along each lane. By combining the expertise of our industry-leading meteorologists with state of the art  machine learning, we predict the conditions for each shipment up to two weeks in advance, giving you time to adjust equipment selection and save money if the temperature is unseasonably warm – and arrive on time. 

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Automate refrigerated equipment selections

Risk insights power better system decisions

This winter season will see an extraordinary squeeze on cold chain capacity so the need to use temperature protection only when necessary is greater than ever. Based on risk, we help tell your systems to pick the better option for each shipment. Only spend more for heat or cold-protect equipment when it’s necessary. 

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"Time saved, product saved, real ROI... Since implementing Everstream, we have had zero frozen loads."

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Delivery delays due to extreme weather conditions

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