Cold-proofing food supply chain technology for Campbell’s Soup

Everstream Analytics | May 25, 2022

Campbell’s Soup repeatedly ran into supply chain issues when a significant portion of their soups would freeze while in transit each winter. But, after partnering with Everstream Analytics, they’ve found that they can not only react quickly to emerging supply chain disruptions, but can also adjust their shipments to mitigate future risks. 

Paper tracking limitations

Campbell’s previous risk mitigation process was mostly conducted on paper, requiring all stakeholders to manually fill out paperwork before making a decision. This made it difficult to act with any agility, as decisions were based on guesswork rather than analytics, and were time consuming and labor intensive. Additionally, because factors like weather conditions are liable to change, they couldn’t be accurately predicted.  

So, Campbell’s partnership with Everstream began with a simple goal in mind: to reduce the amount of soup cans that froze every year during shipping. Everstream’s analytics provided a meteorological overview across the U.S., allowing the team to catch any adverse or unusual weather patterns. Additionally, the Campbell’s team now had insights into the state of their facilities, as well as the rail hubs and other shipping routes they were using. Together, they had a complete and ongoing view into any potential risks and how they could affect every step of their shipments.  

Using Everstream’s analytics, the Campbell’s team was able to directly identify which shipments were at risk of freezing, then adjust accordingly to prevent wasted soup. And, instead of scrambling to make these changes, they now could easily contact the right collaborators to ensure that these specific shipments were safeguarded. 

Digital plan prevents freeze

For three years after the initial project, Campbell’s successfully managed to prevent any frozen soup can shipments. The team has now fine-tuned their risk mitigation process, meeting briefly each morning about Everstream’s analysis to review any potential risks and necessary actions.  

In fact, using Everstream’s platform, Campbell’s has an overview of a variety of global risks that might disrupt their shipments. And, instead of searching for and guessing at what might be the next problem, their fully digitized supply chain risk system lets the team know what they should look out for. 

Whether it’s freezing or baking temperatures, political or social events, or other unforeseen crises, make sure that your organization is prepared to respond quickly.  

Want to know more about Campbell’s journey with Everstream Analytics? Listen to our recent webinar with Brett Lankford (Business Process Lead, Campbell’s), Julie Christiansen (CEO, Gordon Labs; Director, Foundation for Supply Chain Solutions), and Lesley Hume (Everstream Analytics). 

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