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What do industry experts say about Discover?

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Everstream “avoids the typical 'trickle down' methodology that relies on surveys … [reducing] the time and effort required to map a supply chain at a multi-tier level."

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Only 2%

of organizations can see suppliers below Tier 2. - McKinsey

With millions of corporate relationships and billions of transactions across disparate business networks, proactively and manually tracking risk across your entire supply chain is nearly impossible.

The only end-to-end risk technology

Get visibility and build resilience across your entire supply chain

Discover is the only automated multi-tier supplier visibility solution fully integrated with Everstream’s end-to-end supply chain risk management platform – so you can decrease risk and uncover opportunity across plan, source, make, and deliver.

The risk stops here

Why is sub-tier discovery critical for your business?

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and disruption to your multi-tier suppliers has the potential to seriously impact your products and revenue. You’ll often have a clear sight of your primary suppliers, but do you know if any of their suppliers are vulnerable to economic, environmental, sociopolitical, ethical, or operational risk? With millions of corporate relationships and billions of transactions across disparate business networks, proactively and manually identifying risk across your entire supply chain is nearly impossible.

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Case study

BD uses Everstream Discover for highly accurate sub-tier mapping

BD asked Everstream to map the supply chain for one product line. “They came back after three days and said “we’ve got the mapping for you.” And I said, ‘you can’t. It’s impossible! We’ve been working on this for four years. We can’t get the data. But we were able to go back to every supplier and confirm that this (mapping from Everstream) was accurate.” …BD has achieved a very high level of accuracy, accuracy significantly above 90%, for the product supply chains they have mapped. That is an accuracy many times higher than what they achieved with their old solution.

Does your current supply chain risk management software do this?

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Aggregate billions of transactions and records across thousands of data sets and sources.

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Resolve structured and unstructured data into millions of entities with product and location-centric relationships.

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Analyze the flow of materials through inter- and intra-company relationships.

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Monitor all global events for potential or actual impact to all suppliers in the network.

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Uncover supplier signals indicating financial, sustainability, CSR, and reputational risk.

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Transform analytics into insights that show risk to suppliers, facilities, and materials.

Dig deeper into sub-tier risk

Why Everstream

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Proprietary data covering intra-country transactions, facility locations, and products – because if you’re tracking risk only at the HQ- or brand level, you aren’t getting the complete picture.

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Entity Resolution

Industry-specific Data Science expertise and confidence scoring algorithms provide accuracy and ensure you only get relevant alerts and insights.

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Risk prediction

Industry’s most complete global strategic and operational risk prediction capabilities with a continuously updated network graph.

Just-in-time vs Just-in-case

Event monitoring

Unmatched digital and on-the-ground global event intelligence network, with 50x more incidents processed than the competition.

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Everstream Discover reveals multi-tier supplier network risk, improving global supply chain visibility and resilience.

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