Supply chain data management

Actionable intelligence

Improved logistics performance

Enhanced vessel performance data

Understand vessel performance and port call optimization with port operations data. Our propriety dataset is refined in partnership with maritime port authorities, to enable improved data quality in the expansive, fragmented, upstream market of shippers, carriers, 3PLs, customs brokers, and transportation marketplaces, as well as downstream intermodal partners. 


Create transparent and low carbon logistic flows

Intermodal Sustainability

Understand the risk and impact of intermodal equipment and network decisions to achieve sustainable cost savings and long-term operational efficiencies.

Carbon Tracking and Mitigation

Balance shipping time, expense, and environmental impact when designing mitigation strategies with unmatched carbon data spanning ports, terminal operators, maritime and rail carriers, shippers, and trade authorities.

Corporate Sustainability

Reveal and diagnose anomalies in trade data, including counterfeit, fraud, or dangerous goods violations for regulatory compliance and corporate sustainability.