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Optimize using strategic and dynamic risk assessments

Learn which suppliers are most vulnerable to the kind of disruption that can stop your business in its tracks

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Why Everstream

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Proprietary data

Instant and accurate data from our digital and on-the-ground global intelligence network.

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Advanced analytics

Insights from a worldwide team of data-science, procurement, supply chain, logistics, legal, and meteorological experts.

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Risk prediction

The most complete global, strategic, and operational risk-prediction, data science expertise, and confidence-scoring algorithms.

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API-centric architecture that integrates directly into your ERP or other planning systems, plus permission-based, need-to-know data sharing.

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Relevant resources

Risk Scoring for Effective Supplier Management

Our latest report shares a supplier scorecard and risk matrix to identify and answer operations-critical questions, plus a 7-point checklist for when risk reaches unacceptable levels.

Understanding Risk Scoring

Effective and relevant risk scoring helps operations identify, prioritize, and respond to risks by prioritizing resources. Get the elements of risk scoring and real-world examples in Everstream’s white paper.

Strategic Risk Scoring for Supply Chain Managemen...

For risk data to help your business, it must be relevant. Learn how to prioritize what matters instead of drowning in endless alerts that won’t affect your operation. Our webinar shows how to use technology to prioritize risks based on how important they are to your locations, suppliers, and materials.

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