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From vessel and cargo information, yard and equipment data to carbon intensity and productivity metrics, your data helps you ensure efficient cargo handling, minimize dwell times, streamline operations, and inform strategies to attract new business. But are you able to unlock the full value of your data? Port and terminal operators rely on Everstream Analytics’ AI-powered platform and machine learning capabilities to analyze and implement an operational data foundation that delivers value from day one.  

Competitive Advantage buried in data

What is the value of a strong data foundation?


improved data accuracy


decrease in processing time


saved per 1,000 documents


Data Enrichment and Systems Integrations

We ingest, parse, validate, cleanse, and enrich nearly any type of supply chain-related data –even paper. We go beyond basic standards and “rule” validations to deliver deeper data insights for strategic decision-making. Leverage AI- and Machine Learning technology to reconnect disparate supply chain data sources to critical IT system. We integrate with almost any port management information system, data lake, database, service, or data flow. 

Visualization and Reporting

Enriched, trusted, accurate data is the foundation of clear data visualization and targeted reporting. We work with you to understand and produce reporting tailored to the needs of your IT, operational, financial, and business development function.

Risk Assessment

AI, machine learning, and human intelligence quickly determines potential risks to operations including weather, trade restrictions, forced labor and many others.

Carbon Intensity Reporting

Understand the environmental impact of your operations by measuring and reporting on the amount of carbon emissions you are responsible for producing. Use those insights to identify areas where improvements can be made to comply with CDP, GRESB, GRI, SASB, AB 32, UK MCR, TDFC and more, reduce carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and lower costs.

Case study

Advanced analytics to decarbonize shipping corridors

Canadian port and terminal and European port partners are collaborating to jointly decarbonize the shipping corridor between the two ports and create a resilient supply chain. The initiative requires accurate measurement and ongoing analysis of cargo transport carbon emissions from participating ports, terminal operators, maritime and rail carriers, shippers, and trade authorities. 

Everstream provides port partners with the foundational data system to enable carbon emissions baseline measurement and continuous monitoring and analytics to inform data-driven decisions that balance environmental impact for sustainable shipping time, expense, and corridor operations. 

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