Save on Cold Chain Costs: Reduce Transportation Spend and Improve Service this Winter

Wed Oct 5, 2022 11:30am ET / 4:30pm CET

If you’re still scheduling refrigerated shipping by the calendar, you’re incurring unnecessary costs by using reefers when you don’t need to and exposing the load to damage when the temperature is unseasonably cold. With today’s extreme weather volatility, freight rates, and the need to reduce emissions, the opportunity to optimize equipment selection is greater than ever. Artificial intelligence and advanced weather modeling predict weather along your routes weeks in advance, determining where and when you need refrigeration, blankets, or no protection at all. 

Learn how to reduce transportation costs while increasing on-time and in-full delivery and see a demonstration of the technology that optimizes logistics decisions with minimal intervention.  

Join our live webinar on Wednesday, October 5, 11:30am ET / 4:30pm CET to get winter weather insights from Everstream’s Chief Meteorologist Jon Davis and Chief Strategy Officer David Shillingford, with a client case study.

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