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Everstream Water Risk Tracker

Our advanced analytics give you actionable insights in a time of severe water uncertainty

Does your company have access to water that you need—today and into the future?

Almost all industrial processes require water. Without access to water, production and global supply chains will grind to a halt.

One of the most significant impacts of global climate change is that water is being displaced from its natural balance, causing catastrophic flooding and droughts. Indeed, recent droughts in Brazil, the US, Taiwan and elsewhere have drawn attention to the growing risk of water scarcity around the globe. That’s why leading companies are using advanced analytics to assess the risk to water access across their global operations.

Everstream Analytics created the Everstream Water Risk Tracker to enable companies to quantify present and future risk of water scarcity globally.

Our data and atmospheric scientists built the Everstream Water Risk Tracker using numerous data sets including soil moisture values, river streamflow data and the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI). This tool provides a global, grid-point-level, long-term assessment of the availability of water resources, giving you actionable insights so you can act now.



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