Everstream Discover

Everstream Discover maps your entire supply chain network and uncovers risk at the company, facility, and material level, giving you proactive insights to reduce the impact of multi-tier supplier disruptions to your products and revenue.

Discover, score, and monitor supply chain risk within your multi-tier supplier network

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and disruption to your multi-tier suppliers has the potential to seriously impact your
products and revenue. You’ll often have a clear sight of your primary suppliers, but do you know if any of their suppliers are vulnerable to
economic, environmental, sociopolitical, ethical, or operational risk? With millions of corporate relationships and billions of transactions across
disparate business networks, proactively and manually identifying risk across your entire supply chain is nearly impossible.

Everstream Discover gives you deep visibility into your network and a clear understanding of supplier risk before it becomes an emergency. Powered by proprietary data, based on billions of supply chain interactions, AI, advanced analytics, and data science expertise, the platform can map, monitor, assess, predict risk, and strengthen even the most complex global supply chains.

Get visibility and build resilience across your entire supply chain

Discover is the only automated multi-tier supplier visibility solution fully integrated with Everstream’s end-to-end supply chain risk management platform. With Everstream, you will:

  • Discover sub-tier suppliers, enabling broader supply chain coverage for scoring and monitoring
  • Assess risk with comprehensive risk scoring across all known supply chain entities
  • Predict and address events identified as potentially disruptive
  • Uncover supplier risk signals across financial, sustainability, CSR, and reputational risk
  • Identify and validate suppliers across all tiers within your network


Discover dashboard displaying colorful graphs, charts, and risk ratings
Everstream Discover dashboard displaying purple graphs and tier list visuals

The Everstream Advantage

Data: Proprietary data covering intra-country transactions, facility locations, and products

Entity Resolution: Industry-specific Data Science expertise and confidence scoring algorithms

Risk Prediction: Industry’s most complete global strategic and operational risk prediction capabilities

Event Monitoring: Unmatched digital and on-the-ground global event intelligence network

Advanced Analytics: 10+ years of experience delivering supply chain risk insights to companies around the globe

Interoperability: API-centric architecture integrates right into your ERP or other planning systems and permission-based ‘need to know’ data sharing