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Everstream Analytics and CAMELOT Join Forces to Streamline Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Partnership Pairs Predictive Supply Chain Risk Analytics with Regulatory and Operational Expertise to Strengthen ESG in Global Value Chains

SAN MARCOS, CA – September 28, 2022 – Everstream Analytics, the global supply chain insights and risk analytics company, today announced a strategic partnership with leading value chain consulting firm, CAMELOT Management Consultants. This collaboration combines Everstream’s unrivaled risk scores and ai-powered analytics with CAMELOT’s unmatched strategic process design and organizational expertise to build high-performing, compliant, and resilient value chains.

With the growing number of supply chain compliance laws, including the German Supply Chain Act and the US Forced Labor Prevention law and Fashion Sustainability Act, manufacturers are increasingly responsible for ensuring their suppliers are not participating in morally or environmentally unethical practices. Everstream and CAMELOT have teamed up to deliver a 360-degree people, process, and technology solution to help clients achieve German Supply Chain Act compliance and prepare for future EU supply chain regulations.

In addition to the potential fines from noncompliance, companies are subject to brand reputation risks when unethical human rights or environmental practices are found anywhere in their supplier network. A company’s ESG performance is a crucial value measure for investors, employees, and consumers across most industries, including Chemicals, Life Sciences, Retail, Food and Beverage, and Automotive.

“Companies are challenged to interpret the laws, uncover relevant risks within their complex supply chains, and proactively monitor for ongoing issues,” said Rick Meyer, Head of Global Sales, Everstream. “This partnership incorporates Everstream’s automated multi-tier risk analytics into CAMELOT’s integrated approach to effectively embed compliance and ESG into core business processes of global organizations.”

“Achieving compliance with the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) and other supply chain laws will not be a one-and-done effort. It will take advanced data & analytics, regulatory expertise, and supply chain process innovation to continuously and efficiently monitor global value chains and mitigate risk,” says Thomas Ebel, Partner Value Chain Strategy and Transformation at CAMELOT. “The Everstream partnership creates a one-of-a-kind LkSG risk management solution to help clients meet their compliance and sustainability objectives.

The value of effective supply chain due diligence and risk management can prevent critical delays or shortages. For example, 50% of the global polysilicon supply, a key material in solar panels, comes from the Xinjiang region. Solar panels have already been detained by US customs under UFLPA, causing significant installation delays and hindering renewable power capacity expansion in the US. With greater supplier visibility and advanced risk management processes, companies can adjust their sourcing strategies to suffer fewer surprises and recover more quickly when disruption strikes.

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Everstream Analytics sets the global supply chain standard. Through the application of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to its vast proprietary dataset, Everstream delivers the predictive insights and risk analytics businesses need for a smarter, more autonomous and sustainable supply chain. Everstream’s proven solution integrates with procurement, logistics and business continuity platforms generating the complete information, sharper analysis, and accurate predictions required to turn the supply chain into a business asset. To learn more, visit

About CAMELOT Management Consultants

CAMELOT Management Consultants is a globally leading consulting specialist for value chain management in the process, consumer goods and industrial manufacturing industries. The firm is a sector of the CAMELOT Group, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany with a network of over 1,800 professionals worldwide. Their integrated consulting approach and close collaboration with renowned technology specialists guarantees project success along all consulting phases: from decision-making to the organizational and technical implementation. To learn more, visit

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