Supply Chain Risk Management

Get in Front of What’s Ahead with our unique combination of forward-looking risk predictors and real-time risk monitoring that enables Supply Chain Risk Management and Business Continuity professionals to proactively address evolving threats, plan for crises, and add demonstrable value to Logistics and Procurement.

We empower our clients to map their end-to-end supply network and assess risk at the network and asset level. ​​

This helps them monitor goods and materials flowing through the network, stay on top of threats to all assets in real-time, and react quickly in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

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We enable our clients to:

  • Predict, prioritize, and mitigate risks before they impact assets and revenue 
  • React to disruptive events quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively to save time and money 
  • Ensure compliance to reduce regulatory risk  
  • Demonstrate best-practices to partners and clients to reduce reputational risk 
  • Deliver value to logistics and procurement functions through advanced risk analytics

Unique Predictive Analytics

To help Business Continuity Managers get in front of supply chain risks, Everstream Analytics delivers unique predictive analytics and tools to allow BCMs to collaborate with – and add value to – business units engaged in supply chain planning and execution. We do this by combining human and Artificial Intelligence to:

  • Map and assess risks to our clients’ logistics and multi-tier supplier networks 
  • Discover unknown suppliers and hidden risk concentrations
  • Map the flow of materials and components through the upstream network
  • Assess all risks at the material, product, facility, company, country, and network level. 
  • Help evaluate gaps in business continuity planning and prioritize measures to improve preparedness
  • Dynamically update and alert our clients to changes in risks 
  • Monitor global events 24/7 and notify relevant stakeholders on how events will impact our clients’ supply and logistic networks
  • Integrate with our clients’ existing alerting, workflow, and collaborations tools



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This enables our clients to

Our unique combination of forward-looking risk predictors and real-time risk monitoring work in tandem to proactively address evolving threats, enabling you to plan for crises.