COVID-19 restrictions continue to spread in China

COVID-19 restrictions continue to spread in China

  • COVID-19 outbreaks are spreading to new regions in China, prompting new lockdowns in Beijing, Manzhouli, and other areas.
  • Authorities are pushing for critical industries to resume work under strict closed-loop measures, while broadly maintaining stoppage orders.
  • Cross-regional trucking restrictions have caused backlogs at the Port of Shanghai, prompting blank sailings by carriers such as 2M or Maersk.
  • Mass flight cancellations accompany renewed lockdown orders amid an existing air freight capacity shortage.

Factory shutdowns have persisted for such an extensive length of time in some areas that stoppages have dwarfed impacts from lockdowns in 2020 when the pandemic began. Facing increased pressure to maintain economic activity, authorities are pushing critical industries to adapt in line with strict regulations.

Total factory shutdowns in China Q1’ 2020 vs. Q1’ 2022, Source: Everstream Analytics

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