Intelligence Solutions

Our global Intelligence Solutions team combines proprietary risk and event data, and advanced data science to yield unmatched predictive and real-time supply chain intelligence.

Vigilant Coverage, Actionable Supply Chain Insight

Everstream Analytics has a dedicated team of Intelligence Analysts, monitoring millions of sources of risk data daily across the world in 25 languages. Our global team operates out of 5 time zones across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions to ensure 24-hour coverage and the capability to effectively analyze and provide insights on supply chain issues in the context of regional developments.

Our multilingual global team also vets and synthesizes the AI-enabled output from millions of English and foreign language sources and our proprietary non-public offline event data feeds to ensure accuracy, veracity, and relevance of disruptive global events for each client.

Intelligence Solutions delivers unique and mission-critical intelligence to help supply chain managers get in front of what’s ahead.​

Extensive Database

Our database of 10+ years of historical risk and event data also provides critical input to our predictive risk models for both procurement and logistics applications.

DHL Partnership

Everstream Analytics has a unique advantage in reporting supply chain risk events through our relationship with the Deutsche Post DHL network of over 550,000 employees. This provides Everstream with unique knowledge of events across 220 countries and territories and the ability to verify the size and impact of the events detected by our human analysts and Artificial Intelligence models.