Our Story

What We Do And Why

Everstream Analytics delivers a range of predictive analytics solutions that enable supply chain and logistics professionals around the world to get in front of costly delays and disruptions. For far too long, companies have been playing a never-ending game of catch-up with events outside their control – weather, supplier issues, port strikes, political unrest, a global pandemic… you name it. If you want to get ahead of it all, you’ve got to think bigger, see farther, and act sooner. That’s the Everstream Analytics approach. Through our unique capabilities, companies like Google, Schneider Electric, Unilever, and Campbell’s can grow and protect more revenue. Everstream Analytics. Get in Front of What’s Ahead. Our ability to deliver uniquely valuable insights comes from our world class team, the support of our strategic partners and Investors and what we’ve learned from our clients through developing data-driven solutions for global brands.

Our Values

We recognize that to consistently deliver value to our clients we need to be outward looking and highly collaborative. The foundation for this is our culture, which emphasizes three core values: Trust, Transparency and Respect. We hold each other to these values and expect our clients to do so as well.

Our History

Everstream’s power to deliver comes from the merger of two companies with unique capabilities and histories of groundbreaking innovation: Riskpulse and Resilience360.   

Riskpulse was created in 2007 to help companies combat the growing challenges of weather-related business continuity challenges. In 2015 Riskpulse merged with Earthrisk, adding advanced environmental data science capabilities, and setting the foundation for our advanced predictive analytics that we deliver today. 

Resilience360 was incubated in DHL’s Global Innovation Center in 2012 following global catastrophes in 2011 to help DHL’s clients be better prepared for and responsive to supply chain disruptions and has grown into the leading supply chain risk management platform. 

In 2018 Columbia capital committed $21 million to the growth of Resilience360 through organic growth and acquisitions and in 2019 led the acquisition of Riskpulse with Greenspring Associates joining the associated funding round. DHL remains a major shareholder. 

The two companies, teams and solutions came together in 2020 and in 2021 were relaunched as Everstream Analytics. 

Our Investors

It is important for our clients to know that our mission-critical solutions will be there when they need them and the ongoing support of our investors underpins this.

Having launched Resilience360 in 2012, DHL remains an active strategic partner and shareholder in Everstream Analytics.

About DHL. We connect people and improve lives. We accomplish this by bringing people and businesses, from every corner of the world, closer together with fast and reliable shipments. In addition, we embrace sustainable solutions and often put our expertise to use to give back to those who need our help the most.

In 2017 Columbia Capital initiated an extensive analysis of supply chain opportunities and concluded that one of the greatest needs of supply chain managers is predictive insights and that these will only be as accurate and dynamic as needed when risk is accounted for in all decision making. This culminated in Columbia’s investment into Resilience360 in 2018.

About Columbia Capital. Columbia Capital was founded over 30 years ago and over time has developed a profitable and repeatable investment model, guided by a specialized and experienced team. Columbia focuses exclusively on the CMT space, with the experience and insights to proactively initiate and develop many of their new investments internally. Columbia professionals typically formulate new investments by identifying a compelling trend or unique asset(s), in partnership with a leading executive team.AB

About Greenspring Associates. Founded in 2000 to focus solely on venture capital investments, Greenspring Associates believes that deep relationships built on mutual trust lead to better returns. Our mission is to serve as a value-added, lifecycle partner for fund managers and entrepreneurs on both a primary and secondary basis. With a comprehensive platform and dedicated Portfolio Impact program, we manage over $11 billion in committed capital across diversified, direct, secondary, and bespoke venture strategies for a diverse group of institutions and high net worth individuals.

About Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon’s series of investment funds are designed to find, nurture, and develop next generation technology companies before the specific sub-sectors in which they operate become the investment buzz words of the day. We have found that the best early-stage technology investing results come from not chasing hype-cycles and generalized investment themes. To us, it is all about finding that uniquely valuable micro-trend within an emerging macro-trend that is not yet in a hype cycle, thus creating an efficient entry point as investors/operators. From there, we look to develop defendable intellectual property that can be readily commercialized, and strive to exit when hype-cycles catch up as markets mature.