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We are experts in intermodal supply chain logistics data

Bluenode was founded in 2018 to address the issue of poor-quality data in ports and port operations. With deep industry and domain expertise, our AI-powered intermodal logistic data engine automates data cleansing, improving reliability and transparency for optimized and sustainable global supply chains. While our initial mission focused on the maritime supply chain, our vision has evolved to make all supply chain data interoperable and analyzable to improve organizational performance.

Bluenode capabilities

Cleanse, link, enhance, analyze, and reconnect disparate data sources

Data crucial to operations, reporting, business development, and future goal-setting that data is accurate and easily accessible to those who need it. Our motto “We make supply chain data useful” captures our passion and commitment to creating value from data. We are in relentless pursuit to create the most intelligent supply chain data enhancement system in the world. Our commitment is to provide you with only the most valuable data intelligence based on your organizational needs.

Your supply chain data is global, and so are we

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With headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where our core team is located, we work with global organizations in the logistics space to optimize data.

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We're data, logistics, supply chain, and sustainability nerds - helping clients get the most from their data and improve operations.

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We believe that tech innovations can help the world. We support clients with carbon intensity reporting on the path to a more sustainable supply chain.

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Bluenode is now part of Everstream Analytics

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