Everstream Analytics CEO Recognized as Top Women in Supply Chain for Outstanding Leadership and Mentorship

Press Release | September 19, 2022

Everstream CEO, Julie Gerdeman, is recognized as a 2022 top woman in supply chain by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The Women in Supply Chain award honors female supply chain leaders and executives whose accomplishments, mentorship, and examples set a foundation for women in all levels of a company’s supply chain network.

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China’s economy will take another hit as the country imposes travel restrictions for the holidays

Article | September 9, 2022

China has locked down more economically important cities in 2022 than at any time during the pandemic. Tanner Brown shares Everstream data in his latest piece for Barron's discussing how China’s economy will suffer amidst recent travel restrictions.

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BD chases end-to-end supply chain visibility

Article | September 2, 2022

When global medical technology leader, BD, needed deeper visibility into their extended supply chain, they chose Everstream for our innovative sub-tier mapping and risk analytics. Get the full story in Steve Banker's article for Forbes.

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Shanghai turns out the lights as China struggles to maintain power supplies amid a record heat wave

Article | August 23, 2022

China’s unprecedented 71-day heat wave continues and our global head of intelligence, Mirko Woitzik, shares more of his thoughts and Everstream data with Fortune reporter Will Daniel.

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China just ran into something that could be even more devastating for its supply chains than COVID-19 lockdowns: A record heat wave

Article | August 20, 2022

Significant heatwaves in certain Chinese provinces are causing significant financial concerns for the country. According to our own Mirko Woitzik, “These shutdowns have the potential to be equally if not more impactful on supply chains than recent COVID lockdowns.”

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Retailers suffer from inventory bloat as US consumers end two-year spree

Article | August 18, 2022

As spending habits for US consumers continue to slow, big box retailers are experiencing inventory bloat. Bloomberg explores what this means for the global supply chain. Everstream Analytics CEO, Julie Gerdeman, shares with reporter Augusta Saraiva the possible risk of insolvency small companies face.

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China’s factories are shutting down again—but not because of covid

Article | August 18, 2022

As intense heatwaves impact regions across Southern China, we're closely watching the sharp rise in factory shutdowns in order to save power. Our global director of intelligence solutions, Mirko Woitzik spoke with Mary Hui at Quartz to share the latest factory shutdown data in China and what these shutdowns mean for the global supply chain.

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Drought-fueled power crisis in China poses risk to clean energy

Article | August 18, 2022

China’s Sichuan province is experiencing widespread power outages due to extreme weather and droughts. As component manufacturer factories come to a halt, we shared with Bloomberg News the impact this will have on the supply chain.

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Everstream Analytics Named 2022 Top Food Chain Technology by Food Chain Digest

Press Release | August 12, 2022

Everstream’s insights help global food shippers keep products moving and shelves stocke

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Machine Learning for Risk Analytics

Video | August 4, 2022

Hear Everstream Chief Data Scientist, James Hayden, and Russell W. Goodman at SupplyChainBrain discuss how entity resolution and advanced technology can be used to uncover supply chain risk and opportunity.

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New COVID-19 cases in China disrupt manufacturing and logistics

Article | August 2, 2022

Everstream's Jeremy Koh provides an update on continued manufacturing and logistics disruption in China due to COVID.

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The chip shortage is easing—but only for some

Article | July 26, 2022

Are we nearing the end of this global chip shortage yet? According to our own CEO Julie Gerdeman – there’s no real end in sight. Julie shares with Will Knight at Wired that lead times range up to 52 weeks for more advanced chips.

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