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Everstream Analytics Named A 2024 APPEALIE SaaS Award Winner in Enterprise Supply Chain and Logistics

Award recognizes the top software solutions demonstrating excellence and customer outcomes

San Marcos, Calif – May 28, 2024Everstream Analytics, the global supply chain insights and risk analytics company, today announced it has been selected as a 2024 APPEALIE SaaS + Software Award winner in Enterprise Supply Chain and Logistics.

Over the past year, Everstream has accelerated its innovation, advancing its user experience to offer the industry’s most intuitive experience for multi-tier visibility and end-to-end (E2E) risk management. Today, Everstream customers leverage the redesigned E2E incident mitigation flow to efficiently analyze disruptive events, initiate action plans, launch necessary steps to prevent disruption, and track plans to resolution. Further, Everstream enhanced its map visualizations, enabling users to drill more deeply into sub-tier relationships, risk data, and incidents with ease, while offering a tiered visualization of discovered facilities, to provide users with the clearest view of how sub-tier locations map upstream.

“Everstream is honored to be named a 2024 APPEALIE SaaS + Software Award winner for Enterprise Supply Chain & Logistics,” said Paige Cox, Chief Product Officer at Everstream Analytics. “For an industry that is all too familiar with disruption and risk, our team is consistently seeking new ways to enable sustainable and resilient global supply chains with our AI-powered multi-tier risk-optimized insight-to-action capabilities.”

Each year, APPEALIE honors the very best in software, recognizing the SaaS platforms that demonstrate excellence and customer outcomes. This year’s winners were selected using Net Promoter Scores™ (NPS), UI/UX, recent product improvements, and 3rd party analyst research, amongst other criteria. As an indicator of APPEALIE’s SaaS Award selectivity, the 2024 Overall SaaS Award winners averaged over 4.6 stars on the most popular software review platforms.

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About Everstream
Everstream Analytics sets the global supply chain standard. Through the application of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to its vast proprietary dataset, Everstream delivers the predictive insights and risk analytics businesses need for a smarter, more autonomous and sustainable supply chain. Everstream’s proven solution integrates with procurement, logistics and business continuity platforms generating the complete information, sharper analysis, and accurate predictions required to turn the supply chain into a business asset. To learn more, visit 

The APPEALIE SaaS Awards are the most selective in software.

Winning SaaS apps are selected on the basis of customer feedback and data, including Net Promoter Scores™. APPEALIE also conducts further due diligence beyond entrant applications to ensure each winner meets its standards of excellence.

Pronounced “appeal-eee,” our name APPEALIE originates from our mission to recognize the most appealing apps in SaaS.

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