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Everstream Analytics Named a Top Food Chain Technology for Third Year in a Row

Food Chain Digest recognizes Everstream for its predictive and prescriptive supply chain data insights

San Marcos, Calif – June 11, 2024Everstream Analytics, the global supply chain insights and risk analytics company, today announced it has been named a 2024 Top Food Chain Technology by Food Chain Digest, the official magazine of Food Shippers of America. In its third year receiving the award, Everstream continues to prove that its predictive and prescriptive insights are revolutionizing the way food shippers operate.

Data plays a crucial role in the food supply chain, particularly with complex shipments that require specific temperature and time requirements. As a big data company, Everstream combines billions of supply chain data points with advanced artificial intelligence, analytics, and graph technology. In 2023, Everstream launched an end-to-end supply chain risk management platform Everstream Connect, to provide intelligent mapping and visibility into logistics network flows, analyze dynamic risks impacting the network, and alert food shippers to the downstream impacts of upstream risks. Everstream’s expert data scientists provide invaluable recommendations for food shippers, including appropriate refrigeration levels and predicting the impact of adverse weather.

“We are honored to once again be recognized by this program. It is a testament to the continuous innovation and work our team does to revolutionize the food supply chain. We will continue to innovate in ways that enable Everstream to effectively reduce disruption response time, optimize equipment selection, and accurately predict shipment transport times for our food shipping partners,” said David Northington, CEO, Everstream.

FSA’s Top Food Chain Technology program recognizes standout technology platforms, applications and innovators and helps food shippers to be more aware of the many technology options available to them in the industry. In its third year, Food Chain Digest continues to deploy this recognition program to serve as an important resource to food shippers looking to use innovative technologies in their supply chain strategy and execution.

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Everstream Analytics sets the global supply chain standard. Through the application of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to its vast proprietary dataset, Everstream delivers the predictive insights and risk analytics businesses need for a smarter, more autonomous and sustainable supply chain. Everstream’s proven solution integrates with procurement, logistics and business continuity platforms generating the complete information, sharper analysis, and accurate predictions required to turn the supply chain into a business asset. To learn more, visit 


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