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Everstream Connect

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Intelligent mapping and visibility

Risk-adjust supply chains from raw material to store shelves

Introducing the only solution capable of predicting and mitigating risk while uncovering optimization opportunities from procurement through logistics and all stages of planning and execution.

Predictive insights powered by AI

Recommendations at your fingertips

Maximize order fulfillment reliability with prescribed risk-reducing actions. In the event of a disruption or shortage, Connect uses AI to show alternatives and recommends the options that best meet customer needs and financial goals. This could include equipment, route, or mode recommendations – to help you weigh carbon, time, service, and costs.  

Extreme weather impacting shipping

Track and reduce carbon emissions

Build a more sustainable supply chain

Fully connecting the flow of logistic goods to the flow of supplier goods gives you the ability to calculate direct and indirect carbon emissions production. Calculations can be done proactively for planning decisions and retroactive for carbon emissions evaluations and auditing. 

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How does Connect work?

Maps the logistics network flow on the network graph, including relationships and flow of products for full visibility.

Analyzes dynamic risk impacting the network and alerts users to the downstream impacts of upstream risks from potential disruptions.

Creates short-term planning recommendations and longer-term strategic transportation optimizations to lower costs, carbon, and increase resilience.

Powers better decisions with a full picture of risk, carbon, and lead times, to gain control of inventory stock, SLA terms, equipment usage, and more.

Dig deeper into logistics risk

Six must-haves in a transportation risk analysis solution

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Proprietary data covering intra-country transactions, facility locations, and products – because if you’re tracking risk only at the HQ- or brand level, you aren’t getting the complete picture.

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Entity Resolution

Industry-specific Data Science expertise and confidence scoring algorithms provide accuracy and ensure you only get relevant alerts and insights.

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Risk prediction

Industry’s most complete global strategic and operational risk prediction capabilities with a continuously updated network graph.

Just-in-time vs Just-in-case

Event monitoring

Unmatched digital and on-the-ground global event intelligence network, with 50x more incidents processed than the competition.

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The value of supply chain visibility

Successful supply chain visibility can block losses while also creating measurable financial gains. 

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