Our Story

We keep the world moving by keeping risk out of the way.

Everstream Analytics risk scores and predictive insights set the world’s supply chain standard, helping global companies turn supply chains into business-changing, market-shifting, competition-crushing assets. Removing the traditional blinders of traditional data – we offer more complete information, sharper analysis, and accurate predictions. Companies like Google, Schneider Electric, Unilever, and Campbell’s rely on Everstream Analytics to push their supply chains to be faster, smarter, safer, and leaner.

What Matters Most to Everstreamers

Doing our best, no matter what challenges lie in front of us. We’re sharp, focused, determined, and as a team, we’re unstoppable. Of course, we have values like “integrity” and “honesty”—that’s a given—but our core values run deeper:

  • Audacity We are bold. We break through the status quo and do what others haven’tcan’t or won’t
  • Grit | We get the job done and keep going, so our customers can do the same
  • Optimism | We have a can-do attitude, and instead of saying “no”, we figure out how
  • Virtue | We do what’s right, the right way – especially when it’s difficult
  • Solidarity | When we celebrate each other and our differences, we all do better

Accelerated Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

From market innovators to leading venture capital firms, Everstream’s investors are committed to the goal of helping the world’s largest companies build a better supply chain.

About DHL. We connect people and improve lives. We accomplish this by bringing people and businesses, from every corner of the world, closer together with fast and reliable shipments. In addition, we embrace sustainable solutions and often put our expertise to use to give back to those who need our help the most.

About Columbia Capital. Columbia Capital was founded over 30 years ago and over time has developed a profitable and repeatable investment model, guided by a specialized and experienced team. Columbia focuses exclusively on the CMT space, with the experience and insights to proactively initiate and develop many of their new investments internally. Columbia professionals typically formulate new investments by identifying a compelling trend or unique asset(s), in partnership with a leading executive team.

About StepStone. StepStone Group Inc. (Nasdaq: STEP) is a global private markets investment firm focused on providing customized investment solutions and advisory and data services to its clients. StepStone’s clients include some of the world’s largest public and private defined benefit and defined contribution pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies, as well as prominent endowments, foundations, family offices and private wealth clients, which include high-net-worth and mass affluent individuals.

About Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon’s series of investment funds are designed to find, nurture, and develop next generation technology companies before the specific sub-sectors in which they operate become the investment buzz words of the day. We have found that the best early-stage technology investing results come from not chasing hype-cycles and generalized investment themes. To us, it is all about finding that uniquely valuable micro-trend within an emerging macro-trend that is not yet in a hype cycle, thus creating an efficient entry point as investors/operators. From there, we look to develop defendable intellectual property that can be readily commercialized, and strive to exit when hype-cycles catch up as markets mature.