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Everstream Analytics and Kearney Expand Strategic Partnership to Build Resilience Across Every Tier of Global Value Chains

Collaboration connects risk management strategy and execution holistically, minimizing disruptions and maximizing resilience and competitiveness

San Marcos, Calif. – August 17, 2023Everstream Analytics, the global supply chain insights and risk analytics company, and Kearney, a global consulting leader in supply chain strategy, today announced a strategic extension of their partnership that will embed rapid and proactive risk detection and response at every tier and stage of supply chain planning.

Over the past several years, proactive risk management and regulatory adherence have become increasingly urgent business imperatives. However, addressing the challenges of complex regulations and effectively managing risks across intricate global supply chains requires a holistic approach. Everstream Analytics and Kearney will jointly deliver a comprehensive solution to help clients comply with current and emerging regulations and improve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance while building profound resilience and accelerating their business in volatile times.

Everstream and Kearney’s collaboration offers valuable guidance in driving n-tier supply ecosystem visibility, identifying and assessing risks, and vigilantly monitoring ongoing challenges in fluid geopolitics. Integrating Everstream’s advanced AI and graph technology-powered automated risk analytics and value orchestration solution with Kearney’s expertise in transformation, operations, and creating leading supply chain risk frameworks will help global organizations boost resilience across their supply chains. Kearney also brings depth of experience in embedding client-centric compliance and ESG benchmarks.

“As the leading supply chain risk management solution, Everstream remains committed to empowering our clients with the insights they need to excel in today’s intricate supply chain landscape. This strategic partnership reinforces our dedication to maintaining that position and delivering exceptional value. Supply Chain Risk Management demands a comprehensive approach that transcends mere compliance, culminating in the world’s best fortified and adaptable value chains,” said Koray Köse, Chief Industry Officer at Everstream Analytics. “This partnership, characterized by our agile predictive analytics and strategic innovation, establishes a new standard in supply chain risk management, distinctly improving supply chain resilience for our clients.”

Ryan Elliott, Kearney Partner and Co-Founder of PRISM, Kearney’s Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) offering, concurred, stating, “Creating a client-centric and comprehensive risk management strategy is incredibly important for companies that need a supply chain edge – and that takes the best technology and proven supply chain know-how. The supply chain challenge will only grow as companies need to meet the growing list of complex regulations, such as the EU supply chain laws or UFLPA.  Maneuvering in an age of disruption requires an unwavering commitment to continuous and multi-dimensional efforts. Kearney’s partnership with Everstream raises the bar for supply chain risk management capabilities, providing clients with an opportunity to increase their value chain resilience.”

The essence of astute supply chain resilience and advanced risk management cannot be overstated. Enterprises that navigate risks judiciously, with deep supply chain visibility and anticipatory abilities sensing fragilities and disruptions are better poised to maneuver the intricacies of the global marketplace and its undergoing changes. Equipped with actionable insights from advanced analytics and Kearney’s deep understanding of the global marketplace, businesses can recalibrate supply chain strategies, preempt unforeseen disruptions, optimize risk management, and expedite recovery when facing challenges. In a landscape where global value chains thrive on intricate networks, geopolitical shifts and dynamic regulatory frameworks, the strategic partnership between Everstream Analytics and Kearney emerges as a beacon of proactive resilience, poised to set a new benchmark for supply chain performance.

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