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8 Days That Defined Supply Chain Disruption in 2022

In a year with thousands of supply chain problems tracked by our analysts, eight events clearly emerged to define supply chain disruption for 2022. See the key days that mattered last year, and the cascade of related events that redefined our global supply network.  

We predicted many of 2022’s disruptions, cautioning our clients early in the year to plan for ongoing labor actions, ESG regulations, drought, and extreme weather. See all the key events and how they impacted the world, including:

  • The year’s first big labor strike and its trend-setting impact 
  • 2022’s most visible and influential ESG violation 
  • The event that sounded the final death knell for China suppliers  

In our annual Year in Review report, we explain what to learn from these eight events, and share takeaways for your 2023 planning.  

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