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Negotiations remain deadlocked with no significant progress reported

Negotiations between the ILWU and the PMA remain deadlocked with no significant progress reported. The two sides are openly committed to avoiding any supply chain disruptions; however, neither side seems willing to budge on contentious issues like port automation initiatives. Smaller disagreements, such as the recent dispute at the Port of Seattle over repair and maintenance work, threaten to snowball into bigger disruptions if union members implement work slowdowns in solidarity.

East and Gulf Coast ports have been handling additional cargo and Gulf Coast ports could be impacted in the coming days.

Waiting times at West Coast ports increased due to slight increases at the Port of Los Angeles. Wait times fell at the Port of Vancouver, with the Port of Seattle reporting an increase. Low waiting times on the West Coast ports partially result from lower cargo levels. West Coast ports have the lowest combined waiting times as well as the lowest combined vessel counts for ports on any North American Coast.

Congestion levels on the East Coast are lower than the previous quarter on average; however, congestion has slightly increased in the past week. The Gulf Coast saw a sharp rise in congestion.

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