Manufacturing Supply Chains Brace for Impact Amid Looming Shortage of Natural Rubber

Manufacturing Supply Chains Brace for Impact Amid Looming Shortage of Natural Rubber

Global Supply Chains Feel Impact of Resource Scarcity

As supply chain professionals continue to face the ripple effects from a global semiconductor shortage, medical equipment and car makers are now on high alert due to the growing threat of scarce natural rubber supplies that has intensified over the past 12 months amid the global outbreak of COVID-19.

Natural rubber is a critical raw material in many industrial supply chains because of its unique properties such as high durability, flexibility, and water resistance that make it invaluable for a wide range of products, including high-performance auto and aircraft tires, electronic cables, and medical devices. And with shortage-related disruptions such as slowed production and increased procurement costs, tire makers in Germany and France have already felt the effects of this new resource scarcity.

This Everstream Special report looks more closely into the underlying reasons for the current shortage, growing challenges that current companies may face and recommendations for how to mitigate rising procurement costs and other associated risks. Download the report today!

Report Takeaways:

  • COVID-19’s Effects on Natural Rubber Supplies
  • Global Impacts Predicted into 2022
  • Viability of Alternative Materials
  • Recommendations

Get in Front of What’s Ahead.

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