Looming Energy Crisis Could Jeopardize Industrial Production This Winter

Looming Energy Crisis Could Jeopardize Industrial Production This Winter

October 13, 2021

Across the Northern Hemisphere, from China and India to Europe and North America, rising energy costs have been an increasingly common theme during the past month. Regional authorities in China, for example, have rationed power supply, requiring hundreds of chemical factories and electronics plants to halt operations. This evolving energy crisis has its origin in the shortage of two key power producing fuels: natural gas and coal.  

The situation in Europe has been the most critical and is likely to bear the highest risk over the coming months as winter approaches. In light of this unprecedented situation of low energy reserves, the extent of power shortages and higher costs incurred will largely depend on how cold this winter will be, and amount of demand generated. 

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Key Insights

  • Analysis of energy crisis causes and potential supply chain implications 
  • Overview of Energy-intensive manufacturing industries at high risk 
  • Projections on likely output cuts
  • Recommendations to mitigate the risk using Everstream’s Applied Meteorology and sub-tier visibility solutions. 

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