Power shortages across China force dozens of suppliers to halt production

Power shortages across China force dozens of suppliers to halt production

Dozens of energy-intensive industries were forced to either reduce or shut down plant operations in multiple provinces across China over the past few days as authorities started to enforce dual-control policies to limit energy consumption in the country. Among the affected sectors — since the beginning of the nationwide crackdown in mid-September — were industries with high energy consumption, ranging from petrochemicals and textile printing to aluminum production. So far, Everstream Analytics has tracked power-related disruptions at more than 60 companies, a list that is likely to expand over the coming days. 

As China prepares for Golden Week, a weeklong national holiday, the risk of extended shutdowns and further delivery delays of key industrial goods is heightened. To find out more about how this halted production indicates a widening issue that may have reverberating supply chain impacts, read Everstream’s latest in-depth report.  

Key Insights

  • Identifying key reasons for shortages in top manufacturing regions 
  • Overview of impacts on affected industries thus far 
  • Analysis of future elevated risk factors, including extreme weather 
  • Everstream Analytics recommendations and solutions to mitigate risk 

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