Civil Unrest Causes Widespread Disruptions to the Movement of Goods and Business Operations in South Africa

Civil Unrest Causes Widespread Disruptions to the Movement of Goods and Business Operations in South Africa

South Africa’s Worst Violent Protests since End of Apartheid

Significant Long-term Damage Projected to Infrastructure, Transportation, and Economy

What began as protests of the arrest of former South African President Jacob Zuma, escalated into the worst violence since the end of Apartheid. Businesses and manufacturing sites as well as air-, sea-, road- and rail freight movement in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, have come to a standstill amid the chaos.

Blocked key trade routes, torched cargo trucks, looting and break-ins, now threaten to choke the nation’s supply chain impacting all terminals at the Port of Durban, impeding road freight movement and production, and causing staff shortages. With significant damage to infrastructure, businesses, and cargo vehicles, experts project that South Africa may suffer effects on the supply chain flows for both the short and long term. In this report, learn how civil unrest is disrupting the country’s main economic hubs, road network, and container gateways and what companies should do to mitigate the risk.

To learn how your supply chain may be impacted, read the report.

Key Insights:

  • Analysis on locations and assets most impacted by riots and looting
  • Review of key parts of the impacted road network and largest container gateway
  • Challenges warehouses and production sites face in the short and long term

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