UFLPA Webinar: Uncover Your Supplier Risks

March 28, 2023

Product seizures at the border are mounting, do you know if your supply chain is at risk for UFLPA violations? Procurement and planning leaders now need a deeper level of UFLPA-specific supplier risk analysis to avoid disruptions including seizures and fines.  

Join Jon Bovit, Head of Everstream Discover, and Vin Ramundo, Senior Solutions Consultant as they discuss how you can identify potential UFLPA high-risk suppliers in your network and create action plans based on UFLPA supplier risk scores to stay compliant with current guidelines.   

Job Bovit, Head of Everstream Discover, Everstream Analytics


Jon Bovit

Head of Everstream Discover

Vin Ramundo, Senior Solutions Consultant, Everstream Analytics


Vin Ramundo

Senior Solutions Consultant

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