Value Chain Visibility for the EU Supply Chain Act

Feb 28, 2023

The EU supply chain act proposes that the largest 1% of companies are responsible for ensuring that their entire supply network falls into compliance. In-scope companies will need to identify, monitor, and enforce due diligence obligations throughout their “value network” with respect to human rights and environmental standards.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn:

  • reasons behind the EU regulation
  • Understanding the extent of your “value network”
  • why preparing now is urgent to avoid financial impact
  • how to quickly gain the required sub-tier value network visibility
  • how SCRM supports compliance for the EU Supply Chain Law and other global legislation

As details about the proposed law emerge, one thing is clear – you must be able to see and monitor your entire value chain. See how to easily visualize your network, identify your risk, and map out a comprehensive compliance plan.

Ulf Venne


Ulf Venne

Leader Center of Excellence

Job Bovit, Head of Everstream Discover, Everstream Analytics


Jon Bovit

Head of Everstream Discover

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