Measuring Supply Chain Pressures 2024 with the Global Value Chain Barometer: Executive Perspectives & Practical Strategies

February 8, 2024

Join Everstream Analytics and Kearney for this on-demand webinar, where we delve into key findings from the Global Value Chain Barometer. This publication, a collaboration between Kearney, WEF, and Everstream, offers strategic insights for value chain resilience based on AI-analyzed global risk data. 

Our panel will guide you through the Barometer’s most recent findings, highlighting major disruptions and fragilities. Explore the nature, extent, location, expected severity, and best management strategies for these uncertainties. Use the six-month strategic outlook to identify potential vulnerabilities in your value chain and drive focused resilience activities. 

Jon Davis


Jon Davis

Chief Meteorologist, Everstream Analytics


Koray Kose

Chief Industry Officer, Eversteram Analytics


Ryan Elliott

Partner & Co-Founder, PRISM, Kearney


Nigel Pekenc

Specialist Partner, Kearney


Markus Vejvar

Consultant, Kearney

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