Case Study

DuPont Electronics and Industrial amplifies agility and visibility

“With the support of Everstream Analytics, DuPont E&I changed the overall direction of its business continuity plans for its major nodes and locations, putting more rigor into the process. They are using Everstream’s tools and information to ensure their business continuity plans are effective. “

– Senior Manager, Risk Management, DuPont E&I

Everstream Analytics Solution

Everstream Analytics amplifies agility and visibility for a business segment of DuPont, a global innovation leader with technology-based materials and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. DuPont employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets, including electronics, transportation, construction, water, healthcare, and worker safety. 

With concerns for low resilience and supply chain agility, as well as a need for more insights into production locations, DuPont E&I sought a solution to strengthen their risk management organization and build resiliency into their existing Supply Chain. And, with urgency coming from both customer needs and industry standards, the E&I business wanted to implement a strategic tool that would support network visibility and identify points of potential risks.

Customer Objective

DuPont E&I prioritized creating a process and implementing a SCRM solution that would generate the greatest impact and improve agility. The Global Risk Management Team for DuPont E&I noted, “As individual consumers, we have a lot of insight into our products and our shipments, as well as where they are and if there are any potential disruptions. But, as an organization, we felt we didn’t have that level of visibility.” Ideally, a solution needed to make customers feel comfortable and confident that they would get their products while creating an open line of communication that would meet their needs, even when exceptions happen.

For DuPont E&I, the optimal solution would be a single platform that gave the organization better visibility of their network risks based on historic information, real-time insights of events that could potentially impact their network, and agility to respond to those exceptions – whether that meant accepting, mitigating, or monitoring.

Everstream Solution

Everstream Analytics brings its “Think Bigger, See Further, Act Sooner” solution to DuPont E&I.

After reviewing all the solutions available in the industry, DuPont E&I determined that the Everstream Analytics supply chain risk management software platform was the most comprehensive and most capable of matching their growth vision. DuPont E&I has utilized Everstream for more than a year now to visualize, track, and protect its global business operations through near real-time incident monitoring. In addition to alerts and incident status reports, the business gained valuable, actionable insights from the Everstream COVID-19 Supply Chain Resource Center and distributed that up-to-date information to their logistics organization to mitigate pandemic related impacts. In a strong win for the business – through great leadership and execution – DuPont E&I was able to react quickly, make decisions that would benefit their customers, and minimize disruptions to their global Supply Chain.

Also, the company selected 17 sites globally that would first utilize data from the Everstream solution. With the support of Everstream Analytics, DuPont E&I is developing more robust business continuity plans for its major nodes and locations, using the tools and information available to ensure their plans are effective.

Customer Benefits

With increased intuitive network visualization, DuPont E&I has been able to identify less agile points in their supply chain that could have resulted in huge disruptions. The global supply chain perspective provided by Everstream increases the organization’s end-to-end visibility and allows them to be more strategic about their decision making. DuPont E&I is now looking at long-term solutions and creating a road map for future planning. They want to make sure they are leveraging an optimal solution so that they can maximize their benefits and are able to meet customers’ needs effectively and efficiently, attract and retain customers, and continue to be a leader for tomorrow.

And, even with the disruptive nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, DuPont E&I – in collaboration with Everstream – persevered by setting up alternative international and domestic routes, extending materials to new warehouses, changing incoterms, and using different logistics partners to secure new forms of transportation and new lanes. With the support of Everstream, DuPont E&I was able to avoid substantial risk-related cost and report strong sales in 2020 despite ongoing pandemic-related disruptions.

Organizations cannot be resilient or agile without the right planning being done prior to an event. DuPont E&I was able to see the value of the of the Everstream solution before COVID-19, and those actionable insights helped their customers see the value of it amid the pandemic. The right information at the right time is key.

Customer Objectives
– Strategic decision making
– Supply chain agility
– Customer confidence and communicationEverstream Solution
– Compatible growth vision
– Business continuity
– Actionable alerts and incident monitoring

Customer Benefits
– End-to-end visibility
– Avoid risk related costs
– Competitive Advantage to grow market share
– Improved customer service