Special Reports

Cargo Carriers Paralyze Major Roadways Throughout Peru Over Fuel Price Hike

On March 15, heavy-duty carriers in Peru began a one-week nationwide strike to protest rising fuel prices and toll rates. Between March 15 and March 20, freight carriers intermittently blocked several major highway networks, roads, and bridges throughout the country, causing severe traffic congestion and disrupting the movement of...

Suez Canal Container Ship Blockage Threatens to Undermine Global Supply Chains

On March 24, ultra-large container ship MV Ever Given (Evergreen) ran aground at around 07:40 local time and caused all traffic to be blocked off in the Suez Canal — one of the world’s busiest shipping arteries. The accident is already causing considerable impacts on global supply chains and the passage of...

Ongoing Political Turmoil Threatens Myanmar’s Apparel Supply Chains

Myanmar’s garment industry, which has a net worth of USD 6 billion (EUR 5 billion) is in jeopardy after the military carried out a coup d'état and detained elected civilian leaders on February 1, claiming election fraud. While the garment industry as well as other business sectors in Myanmar...


Global Semiconductor Shortage Triggering Production Delays for Automakers

A global semiconductor shortage has severely disrupted the auto sector with suspended or reduced production, which may further impact new vehicle sales and profitability. To read how this risk impacts the sector, download the report now.