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Global Semiconductor Shortage Triggering Production Delays for Automakers

A global semiconductor shortage has severely disrupted the auto sector with suspended or reduced production, which may further impact new vehicle sales and profitability. To read how this risk impacts the sector, download the report now.

Production Issues at TDI Plants in Europe May Impact Automotive and Aerospace Manufacturers

As production remains disrupted at the two largest chemical producers of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) in Europe, downstream customers in the aerospace and automotive industries that depend on this chemical material for various final applications have faced higher prices and canceled orders in recent weeks. With German chemical makers BASF...

COVID-19: Challenges in the Automotive Industry Amid Factory Restarts in Europe

In early April, more than 1 million of Europe’s auto workers had been furloughed, according to data released by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. Making up 11 percent of all manufacturing jobs in the European Union, the sector carries heavy economic importance for the entire continent. Learn more…

U.S. Gives Japan and the E.U. Ultimatum to Negotiate a Deal to “Limit or Restrict” Auto Imports Within 180 Days

Executive Summary Amid expectations that U.S. President Trump would decide on whether to impose tariffs on imported cars and auto parts by May 18, it now seems likely that he will sign an executive order this week that will give Japan and the European Union 180 days to negotiate a...