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3rd Annual Risk Report 2021 – Top 5 Risk Trends

In 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the worldwide movement of goods as manufacturing operations halted in many parts of the world, global air traffic declined to levels last seen decades ago, and ground transportation was disrupted by new health and safety measures. Operational disruptions remained a prominent feature of global supply chains throughout the year as containment measures as well as infection outbreaks, labor unavailability, and component shortages impacted business operations.

With supply chains still bruised from the impacts of 2020, how will you prepare for the next set of risks barreling down on your operations in 2021? From supplier financial distress to constraints in air cargo, insight into the next risk trends can help companies navigate the uncertain business environment for the remainder of this year.

In the third Annual Risk Report, Everstream Analytics provides a comprehensive overview of the supply chain risk landscape and predicts the Top 5 Supply Chain Risk Trends for 2021.


Insights & Key Findings…

  • Review of the top emerging risk trends that supply chains should be aware of for the remainder of the year.
  • Examination of how the risk landscape evolved in comparison to the previous year.
  • Global overview and regional summaries of the main supply chain risks.


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