Business Continuity

To help Business Continuity Managers get in front of supply chain risks, Everstream Analytics delivers unique predictive analytics and tools to allow BCMs to collaborate with – and add value to – business units engaged in supply chain planning and execution. We do this by combining human and Artificial Intelligence to:

  • Map and assess risks to our clients’ logistics and multi-tier supplier networks 
  • Discover unknown suppliers and hidden risk concentrations
  • Map the flow of materials and components through the upstream network
  • Assess all risks at the material, product, facility, company, country, and network level. 
  • Help evaluate gaps in business continuity planning and prioritize measures to improve preparedness
  • Dynamically update and alert our clients to changes in risks 
  • Monitor global events 24/7 and notify relevant stakeholders on how events will impact our clients’ supply and logistic networks
  • Integrate with our clients’ existing alerting, workflow, and collaborations tools

This enables our clients to:

  • Assess strategic and operational risks to prioritize investments 
  • Reduce the risk of disruptions to material and product flow and associated revenue loss
  • Reduce regulatory risk
  • Reduce reputational risk
  • Reduce financial risk