Commodity Risk

To help you Get in Front of What’s Ahead, Everstream Analytics augments our clients’ sourcing and commodity risk management by monitoring global risks that impact the supply and price of mission-critical inputs.

golden steel pipe network in crude oil refinery

Weather And Climate Risk

Our world-class meteorology team uses predictive analytics to forecast the impact of climate and weather patterns as much as 6 months out to provide uniquely valuable signals to our clients with exposure to weather-sensitive commodities.

What We Monitor

  • Major agricultural areas around the globe to determine “hot spots” where detrimental weather is reducing crop yields and production.  
  • Energy demand zones such as the U.S., Europe, and East Asia to determine energy usage, such as heating demand in winter and cooling demand in summer. 
  • Drought conditions that will reduce the supply of a feedstock. 
Silhouette,Offshore oil and rig platform in sunset or sunrise time. Construction of production process in the sea. Power energy of the world.

Our unique combination of forward-looking risk predictors and real-time risk monitoring work in tandem to proactively address evolving threats, enabling you to plan for crises.

Our Sourcing & Procurement Solutions


Network Risk Assessment & Monitoring


Supplier Risk Assessment


Upstream Supply Risk


Commodity Risk

Everstream Analytics monitors global supply networks for major events such as network or supplier outages that will significantly reduce the availability of a commodity.