Cold Chain Solutions

Achieve the optimal balance of cost and service.

Trucker Adjusting Temperature in the Refrigerated Semitrailer. Transportation Industry Theme.

Optimal Balance Of Cost And Service

Our predictive and prescriptive analytics enable temperature protection from heat or cold to be used only when necessary, significantly saving costs when it comes to refrigerated transportation and ensuring the appropriate levels of protection and quality. 

Everstream Analytics does this through our predictive temperature models, developed by our data scientists and world-class meteorology team over multi-year partnerships with some of the world’s largest manufacturers of temperature-sensitive goods, saving them millions of dollars in the process.

In-transit Shipment Simulation

Our models simulate an in-transit shipment and forecast the temperature every 10 km on the planned route up to 2 weeks prior to departure and recommend the ideal equipment type and mode based on product temperature tolerances, ensuring temperature protection can be optimized shipment-by-shipment rather than using seasonal calendars. 

Our models are one of the few examples of predictive and prescriptive analytics driving automated decision-making in supply chains

supply chain resilience

Our unique combination of forward-looking risk predictors and real-time risk monitoring work in tandem to proactively address evolving threats, enabling you to plan for crises.

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Cold Chain Solutions

Record Level Shipping Costs Intensify Supply Chain Stakes [Report]

Transportation costs to ship containers from Asia to North America and Europe have been rising at a historic pace as the supply chain industry experiences persistent congestion at major gateways. Download the recent Everstream report to find out how a long-term rising shipping cost crisis will likely hit cargo shippers ranging from food and beverage companies to retailers and automakers.