Winter Season 2021-2022 Outlook Report

Winter Season 2021-2022 Outlook Report

October 29, 2021

In the case of a cold winter in the northern hemisphere, businesses will now need to prepare for a delicate balancing act this upcoming season as low energy storage levels drive up prices, particularly in Europe. And, because of the unique situation with energy supplies going into this winter, the key component — to determine how severe the ramifications/impacts will be — is demand.  

Read the Winter Season 2021-22 Outlook Report to discover critical details on the state of the Polar Vortex, an initial outlook including temperatures and precipitation, and impacts and recommendations based on those winter weather predictions.  

Download the report.  

Key Insights

  • Overview of conditions in North America, Europe, and East Asia 
  • Winter outlook summary previewing risk areas 
  • Recommendations for the upcoming season 

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