Agriculture Outlook Report – November 2021

Agriculture Outlook Report – November 2021

November 22, 2021

Your comprehensive quarterly resource with a high-level synopsis of agriculture and weather.

November is a time of transition for global agriculture. In this comprehensive quarterly report, Everstream looks back at the recent growing season across the Northern Hemisphere and looks ahead at the new growing season already underway in the Southern Hemisphere. See how utilizing weather forecast patterns and risk data can depict impacts in growth, production, supply, and transportation within the food supply chain.  

To learn more about the current Top 5 Watch List, key issues in global agriculture, and The Dive into Everstream’s Water Risk Tracker (WRT) resource, download the report today.  

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Key Report Insights

  • Comprehensive review/overview of Northern and Southern growing seasons 
  • Top 5 Watch List of current global events and crop belts in need of monitoring for potential supply chain impacts 
  • Water Risk Tracker mapping of conditions across the globe with insights on drought and wetness 

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To accurately monitor the agricultural impacts on supply chains in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, consider Everstream’s Applied MeteorologyProtect from Freeze, and Water Risk Tracker solutions. Contact us now. 

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