Tropical Storm Season Outlook 2021

Tropical Storm Season Outlook 2021

Tropical Storms in 2021 Another Highly Eventful Season

Tropical cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones) are one of the most disruptive events impacting the global supply chain. The effects of an intense hurricane/typhoon hitting a key hub can reverberate around the world. If damage is serious and involves infrastructure, the impacts can linger for an extended period. Add this to the ongoing COVID-19 issues and these concurrent events can disrupt transportation and business operations far from where a specific storm makes landfall. These linked extremes – one health related and the other environmental – have led to supply chain disarray in many parts of the globe during the past year.

The upcoming tropical storm season in the Northern Hemisphere looks to be another highly eventful period. Initial indications point to another active season in the Atlantic basin. The most significant year on year change looks to be in the west Pacific where indications are for a normal to above normal season compared to last year’s quiet season. The other two basins, east Pacific, and Indian Ocean, look to feature near normal activity during the upcoming season.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect this season in all the major basins in the Northern Hemisphere. Topics will include a look back at last year’s infamous season, the drivers that will dictate this season, a specific forecast for the global basins, and a high level look at climate change and the impact on tropical activity.

Is your supply chain ready for another highly eventful storm season?  

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Insights & Key Findings… 

  • Review of the 2020 Tropical Season 
  • The atmospheric and oceanic “drivers” for the upcoming season  
  • Analysis of this season’s most vulnerable supply chain hubs and sectors  
  • Analysis of supply chain impacts
  • Examination of how climate change impacts tropical activity
  • Recommendations on what companies should do to prepare and react

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