Increased Resilience in U.S. Supply Chains Requires Investment in Domestic Capacity

Increased Resilience in U.S. Supply Chains Requires Investment in Domestic Capacity

White House 100-Day Supply Chain Report
An Everstream Analytics Commentary

Consequences of the pandemic were international in scale and interdisciplinary in nature. Impacts from the global operational shutdown spared almost no industrial sector and prompted many governments to analyze the long-term implications. What they found in their review often underscored the gaps in preparedness and the lack of resiliency against impacts of this scale.

As a leading thought leader in supply chain risk analytics, Everstream provides an analysis on The Biden Administration’s 100-Day Review of Supply Chain Vulnerabilities. The commentary reveals the structural weaknesses in global supply chains which threaten U.S. economic security and what companies can do to mitigate the risks and keep supply chains running amid changing regulations. 

Key Findings

  • Heavy U.S. reliance on international suppliers
  • Sustainable supply chain policies
  • Recommendations to ensure continuity of supply chains while complying with policy

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