Strike Negotiations in Colombia Creates Uncertainty for Supply Chain Operations

Strike Negotiations in Colombia Creates Uncertainty for Supply Chain Operations

Colombia’s nationwide protests have paralyzed the country’s supply chain networks by disrupting port operations, blocking major thoroughfares, impacting air freight shipments, and significantly interrupting Colombia’s oil industry. On June 15, the National Strike Committee announced that worker’s unions, student organizations, and other groups have decided to suspend protests, yet demonstrations are likely to persist. 

What are the latest developments that can help you adjust your operations to mitigate risk surrounding these events? 

This Everstream Special Report identifies significant ports experiencing disruptions, major trade thoroughfares with persistently erected roadblocks, shortages around the country, and key oil producers facing a substantial decrease in production. 

Insights & Key Findings

  • Overview of the civil unrest in Colombia
  • Affected ports and major trade routes
  • Analysis of ongoing supply chain impacts
  • Recommendations

Get in Front of What’s Ahead

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