Global Semiconductor Shortage Triggering Production Delays for Automakers

Global Semiconductor Shortage Triggering Production Delays for Automakers

Recently, a global semiconductor shortage has severely impeded the automotive sector, causing leading multinational automakers to either suspend or reduce industrial production, which may further delay recovery for new vehicle sales and profitability in the sector.

The situation, which could persist for at least 6-9 months, has come about amid a number of compounding factors including unexpected consumer demand, mass order semiconductor cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and potential heavy demand for chip supplies from other industries.

This Everstream Analytics Special Report takes a closer look into the challenges that the current global chip supply shortages pose to auto manufacturers and provides analysis on the various factors that may be triggering the sudden drop in the availability. In addition, it delves further into whether the current semiconductor supply shortages could impact production beyond the auto industry – particularly high-tech network, consumer electronics, and medical devices manufacturers – and spread to other sectors over the longer term should these supply chain challenges continue to persist.

Insights & Key Findings…

  • A global semiconductor shortage severely inhibited the auto production, further delaying recovery for new vehicle sales and profitability.
  • Supply shortages are expected to carry over well into 2021.
  • Several factors that may be contributing to the current global semiconductor shortage.
  • And more….

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