Holiday Import Surge Cements Congestion at Ports on the U.S. East Coast

Holiday Import Surge Cements Congestion at Ports on the U.S. East Coast

November 24, 2021

The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach at the U.S. west coast continue to face record-breaking import volumes, which have driven waiting times for vessels as high as 25 days in recent weeks. Amid heightened demand, and persistent congestion on the west coast, alternative ports on the U.S. east coast have started to face unprecedented levels of cargo traffic as well.  

By mid-November, the second- and third-largest ports in the United States, the Ports of New York and New Jersey in New York State and the Port of Savannah in Georgia have been reporting rising waiting times for vessels as well as delays in moving containers in and out of the port areas, too. As the end-of-year holiday period approaches, the increase in imports in the run up to Christmas will further cement the existing congestion and delays at many ports, and result in shipping disruptions well into 2022. 

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Key Insights

  • Overview of intensifying U.S. port congestion 
  • Current delay conditions and ports to watch for approaching year-end-holiday demand 
  • Recommendations and strategies to mitigate cargo delays 

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