Occupational Hazards in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Outweigh Those in Other Sectors

Occupational Hazards in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Outweigh Those in Other Sectors

Beyond the seemingly endless aisles of food in grocery stores, many would not know the dangerous truths in Food and Beverage (F&B) production.  

These workers are at considerable risk of injury, illness, or death on the job. Sources indicate that work-related accidents in this industry account for nearly 24 percent of all manufacturing injuries and are 60 percent more likely to occur than those in other sectors.1 The underlying theme comes back to the industry‚Äôs overreliance on manual labor on the factory floor and in some cases, forced labor which continues to be met with inadequate solutions.  

In the latest report, Everstream Analytics uncovers the hidden dangers behind food production and how these worker vulnerabilities quickly translate into interferences with procuring, processing, and producing food and beverage products.  

Key Insights

  • Analysis on the overreliance on manual labor  
  • Overview of poor regulations and increased risk of asset failure that threaten worker safety  
  • Review of exploitation in agricultural supply chains that can lead to sourcing disruptions 

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