Factory Fires and Droughts to Further Exacerbate Global Semiconductor Supply Shortages

Factory Fires and Droughts to Further Exacerbate Global Semiconductor Supply Shortages

The long-lasting global shortage of semiconductors that caused mass production stoppages in the automotive sector is now threatening to impact other industries, from consumer electronics and home appliances to critical network infrastructure and medical device manufacturing. 

Most recently, an additional set of disruptions is expected to further exacerbate global chip supply challenges, including a major plant fire at a leading Japanese automotive chipmaker that could halt production for months and drought-like conditions in Taiwan that could undermine global chip supply recovery efforts. 

How will these new risk events impact your supply chain? 

The latest Everstream Analytics Special Report examines the supply chain challenges that companies could face in light of the new events and what companies should do to manage these challenges amid price hikes and supply shortages. 

Key Insights Include:

  • Analysis of the Renesas plant fire and what challenging environmental conditions could mean for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry
  • Exploration of the worst drought in decades and the proposed supply chain impacts
  • Recommendations on what companies can do to cope with the mounting supply chain challenges amid the persistent threat of rising chip prices and supply shortages.

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