Severe Floods Across Western Europe Disrupt Manufacturing Operations in Key Industrial Areas

Severe Floods Across Western Europe Disrupt Manufacturing Operations in Key Industrial Areas

Severe flooding caused by violent storms have resulted in widespread disruption to logistics and manufacturing operations over the past few days in Western Europe, including in Belgium, Luxembourg, parts of the Netherlands, and western Germany. The flooding in the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, the country’s richest state by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and Rhineland-Palatinate, an economic powerhouse comparable to the size of Hungary, represents some of the worst in decades, after several days of steady rain generated more water than what ground and sewage systems could absorb. Several industrial areas and companies located on the overflowing river banks were forced to evacuate and shut down operations due to floodwater entering their premises.

As cleanup efforts continue, it is apparent that the brunt of the floodwater damage impacts will come from manufacturing facilities in the most severely affected districts and cities in the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, and Germany. Some of these areas host industrial zones with dozens of high-precision manufacturing suppliers that provide specialized parts for the automotive, aerospace, technology, and mechanical engineering sectors. To learn how your supply chain may be impacted, read the report.

Key Insights

  • Analysis of the damages from the flooding
  • Key industrial hubs and suppliers that are affected
  • Outlook for the coming week

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