BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report 2021

BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report 2021

In its 12th year and more relevant and timely than ever, the report highlights lessons learned during the pandemic, what companies have done to adapt their supply chain strategies and how technology is being used to support this.

Everstream Analytics is proud to have partnered with the Business Continuity Institute on the latest edition of the BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report 2021.

This is a crucial piece of research for the business continuity industry, which looks at the current status of supply chains across the globe and how they have been impacted by the events of the last 12 months.

Insights & Key Findings…

  • The report shows that more organizations than ever are now using technology to assist with supply chain management and mapping.
  • The number of supply chain disruptions organizations encountered in 2020 was higher than any other year in the report’s history – these were mostly caused by COVID-19.
  • Senior management are now more engaged with supply chain issues.
  • and more….

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