Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – July 2021

Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – July 2021

Weather Extremes Continue to be the Norm  

Since last month, drought and dryness have intensified along with extreme heat in the Northern Hemisphere, breaking all-time records around the world in one of the most anomalous weather events of this century. At the same time, freezing temperatures in Brazil threaten to destroy coffee and safrinha corn crops while heavy rainfall and flooding in Germany and China put entire villages and many production facilities in jeopardy. 

With these excessive swings in weather events and temperature, experts agree the signals indicate that agriculture prices will continue to rise. What remains to be seen is whether critical crop growth cycles and crop size estimates will remain in place for the next month.  

To learn more about July’s Top 5 Watch List, key issues in global agriculture, and the Monthly Dive, download the report. 

Insights & Key Findings

  • Essential global agriculture issues 
  • Top 5 risks to impact agriculture global supply chain 
  • In depth review of the Era of Extremes (EOE) and Impacts within North America 

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